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Why Teenagers Reject Parents' Advice

It can be discouraging when teenagers seek advice from adults but then seemingly disregard it.  Read more from the New York Times about why this may be.

Teens Who Can Describe Negative Emotions Better Protected from Depression

 A recent study showed that teens who have various ways to describe negative emotions and experiences are likely to experience less depressive symptoms than their peers after experiencing a negative life event. 

Male Youth Face Difficulties in Receiving Mental Health Care

Mental health concerns are prevalent among youth, however there are some unique challenges related to males receiving treatment for these issues. 

Suicide Rates Among Teens Increasing

A recent study has shown that hospitalizations for suicidal thoughts or attempts are up 175%, while suicides among teenagers are up 24%.

More College Students Seeking Help for Mental Health Concerns

In a recent survey, nearly 40% of college students reported experiencing significant depression, while 61% of students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety.

Teen Suicide Rates Increasing

According to the CDC, the suicide rate for children and adolescents ages 10-17 has increased 70% from 2006-2016.  Additionally, a recent study showed that hospital admissions due to suicidal thoughts or actions for ages 5-17 more than doubled from 2008 to 2015.

Depression Screenings Recommended for All Teens

2/3 of adolescents do not get treatment for depressive symptomology they may struggle with.  As such, pediatricians are now calling for annual depression screenings for all adolescents age 12 and up.

Social Media Use Can Affect Mental Health in Teens

A recent study has found that the use of social media can increase the rates of anxiety in depression in some teenagers.

Local Students Emotionally Affected by Florida High School Shooting

February 16, 2018

The recent tragedy at a Florida High School can impact students' sense of safety and security at schools miles away.

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