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Telehealth Information

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Pursuant to the Nebraska Telehealth Act:


*You have the right to refuse any treatment via telehealth without this affecting your access to future care.


*All confidentiality protections that are applicable during in-person sessions apply to telehealth sessions as well. 


*You have the right to access all information resulting from telehealth sessions as provided by law for patient access to medical records.


*Dissemination of any identifiable images or information from telehealth sessions will not occur without your written consent.

During this time of social distancing, Heather is offering video sessions for clients that are uncomfortable with coming into the office.  This allows her to also offer services to individuals across the state of Nebraska, rather than just within the Lincoln area! 


Video sessions (also known as "telehealth") involve conducting counseling sessions through a live video connection (similar to FaceTime or Skype).  Heather uses a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure confidentiality and security.  No special app or software is required!  Heather will text or email you a secure link to the session at your scheduled appointment time, and you're good to go!  All you need is an internet connection, web browser through a computer or cell phone, and a quiet place to talk. 

While most insurances are covering this service, please contact Heather if you are interested in scheduling a video session, and she will verify your benefits to make sure this is included in your specific plan.  Heather understands that the current state of affairs can definitely be anxiety provoking, and she seeks to provide consistent support without interruption during this time!

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