Mental Health Therapy

Heather offers individual and family therapy.  She works with each client to develop a treatment plan that targets their individual concerns, and strives to emphasize and capitalize on each client's unique strengths.  Heather keeps the focus of counseling on assisting her clients in developing valuable tools to effectively manage life's obstacles.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations are used to gather comprehensive information regarding an individual's mental health and/or behavioral concerns to develop an individualized treatment plan and guide additional interventions.  This process may also involve completing self-report questionnaires, talking with family members, teachers, etc., and reviewing available records.  As all clients are different and have unique treatment needs, diagnostic evaluations help provide clarity and understanding of how to best assist you. 

Professional Consultations

It is impossible to be an expert in multiple fields and subspecialties in any given profession.  As such, Heather enjoys consulting with other professionals about questions or concerns they may have regarding psychological components within their work.​  She frequently works with educational professionals, legal personnel, and medical providers to assist them in developing a comprehensive understanding of presenting issues their clients are facing.

Speaking Engagements

Heather is available to speak to groups and organizations regarding a variety of mental health and behavioral concerns.  In addition to her in-office services, she is passionate about being an advocate for mental health awareness.  Heather has previously spoken to groups of middle and high school students, college classes and organizations, teams of educational professionals, and management groups.  She is also a regular guest speaker at her alma mater, where she discuss various opportunities within the mental/behavioral health field with undergraduate Psychology students.  

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