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Individual Counseling

I offer individual counseling and work with each client to develop a treatment plan that targets their individual concerns. I strive to keep the focus of counseling on assisting my clients in developing valuable tools to effectively manage life's obstacles while emphasizing and capitalizing on each client's unique strengths.

*Family and/or couples sessions are utilized as needed

Out-of-State Telehealth

I am also licensed in Missouri, Iowa, and Utah, meaning I can see clients in these states via telehealth.  This is typically utilized for college students  are from Nebraska and attend school out-of-state, or out-of-state students attending a Nebraska school and desiring to continue care over breaks.

Conflict Resolution

As a certified mediator, I have received additional training to help individuals effectively navigate the most effective ways to resolve conflict. In this process, it is not my role to determine who is "right" or "wrong," but to serve as a neutral, third-party to help identify and address barriers in addressing concerns to help all parties work together to find common ground to resolve disputes.

*Not billable to insurance

Professional Consultations

It is impossible to be an expert in multiple fields and sub-specialities in any given profession. As such, I enjoy consulting with other professionals about questions or concerns they may have regarding mental health components within their work.  I frequently work with professionals in the education, legal, and medical fields to assist in developing a comprehensive understanding/plan for clients.

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to groups and organizations regarding a variety of topics and am passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.  I have previously spoken to high school students, college classes and organizations, and management groups across the country.


*If you are interested in arranging a potential speaking engagement for your group or organization, please contact me here

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